Generic Fondaparinux

Alchemia's FDA approved generic version of Arixtra® (marketed by GlaxoSmithKline).

  • Launched by Dr Reddy's in July 2011
  • Partnered with Dr Reddy's for manufacturing and world-wide sales
  • Potentially the only generic copy of Arixtra┬« due to a high barriers to entry for potential competitors
  • Fondaparinux is actively competing in the multi-billion dollar heparin-drug market
  • Fondaparinux launched by Dr Reddy's in India in April 2013 as a branded generic "Fondared"
  • Regulatory submission has been filed in Europe.

Partner - Alchemia has signed DRL as the world-wide marketing partner for generic fondaparinux. Under the agreement Alchemia, is eligible for up to 50% of profits arising from product sales.

Dr Reddy's has extensive scale-up and manufacturing capacity and broad regulatory experience with ANDA filings. In addition, Dr Reddy's has a generics focus with increasing sales in the US. In the past two years Dr Reddy's has driven the growth of its generic business with the acquisition of the Betapharm Group in Germany and Roche's state-of-the-art active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing plant in Mexico. As a bulk manufacturer, Dr Reddy's is able to produce fondaparinux at a competitive price, addressing the need to maintain pressure on cost of goods in a generic environment.