Investor FAQs

What are the head office contact details for Alchemia Limited?

Alchemia Limited
Level 4,
100 Albert Road,
South Melbourne, VIC 3205
Ph: (03) 9692 7222
Fax: (03) 9077 9233

Which stock exchange is Alchemia Limited listed on?

Alchemia Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ticker code ACL) the home exchange is Sydney.

Who are the auditors for Alchemia Limited?

Grant Thornton Audit Pty Ltd
The Rialto
Level 30, 525 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

What is Alchemia Limited's principal share registry?

Link Market Services Limited
Locked Bag A14,South Sydney NSW 1235
Telephone: (02) 8280 7111
Facsimile: (02) 9287 0303

How can I obtain a copy of Alchemia Limited's Annual Report?

A copy of the annual report can be downloaded in the Investor section of this website. The report is available for download in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view it.

Alternately, printed copies of the Annual Report can be mailed out. If you would like a printed copy of the report, please contact us.

Can I subscribe to receive alerts about Alchemia Limited's progress?

Yes, you can register to receive alerts by email from ACL. As and when Media Releases and ASX Announcements are posted, we will publish them on the website and send them to your preferred email address. To subscribe for email alerts click here.

How can I unsubscribe from Email Alerts, change my preferences or personal details?

When you registered to receive Email Alerts from Alchemia Limited, you would have nominated a Login name and Password. An email would then have been sent to you confirming these details, plus your subscription preferences.

To unsubscribe from Email Alerts, change your Email Alerts preferences or your personal details, simply:

1. Log in by clicking on the Email Alerts link, entering your login name and password and clicking the Login button
2. After doing this you will be returned to the Investor Centre homepage. Now click on the My Details link. You should now be shown a menu of options:

i. My Email Alerts

In this section you can change the announcements you receive by ticking on or off the boxes in the Email Alerts section. If you no longer want to receive Email Alerts from Alchemia Limited, ensure none of the Email Alerts boxes have ticks inside them by mousing over the box and clicking. Once you've turned the ticks off and changed any other details you need to on this page, scroll down and click the Submit button at the bottom of this page.

Here you can also change all the personal information which pertains to you such as Name, Email Address, etc.

ii. My Personal Details

If you filled out this section during registration, you can alter all of the details which are held by simply changing the information in the fields shown and clicking the submit button.

iii. Change Password

To change your password, simply enter your new password in the fields provided and click the Update Password button.

What is Alchemia Limited's privacy policy?

We have a Privacy Policy which is specific to your use of this website. It includes information on the way we collect, distribute and disclose information. To view our Privacy Policy click here.