Corporate Overview

Alchemia Limited is a listed Australian biopharmaceutical company (ASX:ACL) with an FDA approved drug (Fondaparinux sodium) and a late stage oncology product pipeline derived from the HyACT platform. In addition, Alchemia has a proprietary drug discovery platform, VAST®, derived from Alchemia’s chemistry expertise. 

Fondaparinux sodium - an FDA approved antithrombotic (a generic version of GlaxoSmithKline’s Arixtra®), targeting the multi-billion dollar heparin-drug market. Arixtra is a fully synthetic heparin fragment with superior safety characteristics over Lovenox (low molecular weight heparin). Alchemia has partnered this product with Dr Reddy’s and received its first profits from sales of fondaparinux in August 2011.  Alchemia's fondaparinux market share by volume has risen to secure over 30% across all sectors, securing approximately 50% of the more profitable retail market.

Alchemia Oncology Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alchemia Limited and was established to commercialise its HyACT and VAST platforms including HA-Irinotecan, Alchemia’s Phase III product for mCRC.

HyACT - is a cancer-targeting technology that aims to improve the efficacy of anticancer compounds through active transport to cancer cells through the CD44 receptor. HyACT-targeted drugs preferencially accumulate around cancer cells as a ‘drug depot’ which is rapidly internalised through receptor-mediated endocytosis. The intracellular vesicle is then broken down, releasing the chemotherapeutic drug within the cancer cell resulting in increased cell death.

HA-Irinotecan – is a HyACT-targeted formulation of irinotecan in development for metastatic colorectal cancer, or mCRC, a multi-billion dollar market. HA-Irinotecan is also in other investigator-led Phase II clinical trials, including small cell lung cancer, or SCLC.